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Mailing Lists

Note: Lists are seperate from Forums. The Lists below use a seperate 'login' process. The 'login' on the Home page and Forums uses a common name and a password. The Lists use an email address and a password. While a member can use the same password for both sites, they do not have to be. They are maintained in different databases.
EMAIL Lists Available

By selecting a link above, you are directed to the List Login WEB site.
If you are new and wish to join the list, you must create an account.  An account is nothing more then your email address that you wish to use plus a password that you choose.  If you forget your password at a later date, it can be securely retrieved by having it emailed to your email address.
Once you have established your account, you may join any of the available lists.  You have the option of selecting to receive each message individually, by digest where many messages are combined into one message, or (newly added) selecting neither thereby placing your account on no-mail.  This feature is very handy if you go on vacation or will not be on-line for an extended period.
Digests or archives may now be viewed or searched for important information that has been posted on the list previously.
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