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For the new arrivals here:  At the left are the menus for the 'Home' site and above for the 'Fourm'.  In reality they are different sites, Home (aps) and Forum.  A 'Forum' is also known as a BBS or Bulletin Board System. The login/passwords of both sites  work together but you can not switch back and forth and stay logged in if you do not select the cookie option. Passwords and logging in is totally independent of the Lists.  The lists will still have their own password/login prodecures just like it is now.

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The Pet Animal Welfare Statute of 2005

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The Purpose of Wings Central,
APS, Membership and Supporters.
Visual Sexing Senegals and Greys
Please visit our Senegal page on the Visual Sexing of Senegals and take our short Senegal Survey.

Have fun visually sexing African Greys

For more information, suggestions, or contributions to this ever-growing source of information, please contact us.
To contact specific individuals:
To Be Announced Soon - Editor
Jean Pattison - Past President or her WEB SITE
Randy Karg - Treasurer/Original Co-Founder
Gary Blankenbiller - WEB Master

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